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Home :: Articles :: Survive a Zombie Invasion without Traditional Ammunition!

Survive a Zombie Invasion without Traditional Ammunition!

Day or night of the dead, it doesn't matter!  Zombies are always on everyone’s mind.  Hollywood has a fascination with the undead and zips out multiple movies a year with walking corpses.  Unfortunately there aren't any verifiable studies or incidents of a zombie invasion.  All you have to rely on are the movies.  The usual method of defense is a bullet to the head and defensive measures that involve barricading yourself in an entrapped enclosure.  However, everyone doesn't have a zombie proof house and heavy artillery.  There has to be another way!

Zombie historians have come up with alternatives.  It’s subtle and less messy.  Click here and check out our zombie stickers.  During the zombie invasion, you’re going to have to venture out into the bloodthirsty world.  Stick zombie stickers to your car windows and you’ll be safe.  The undead will see the stickers as a stamp of approval, or a VIP pass of sorts.  One glance at the sticker and they will “know” that you’re one of them.  Set these stickers up around the house to protect your home.  When the windows can’t be boarded up, this is the next best option!

There is another handy option that’s directly related to the home.  Take a look at our zombie key caps.  Key caps are small and simple, but they’re subtle indicators.  In the same vein as the sticker, the caps signify that you fit in.  It’s a key to the zombie community.  Flash these accessories in the face of a zombie, and it will stop any of the undead, dead in their tracks!

Yes, these methods may not sound as gratifying as blowing a zombie’s head off with a shotgun, but if you think about it, deception is much cooler than strength and more effective.  You can run out of bullets, but once a zombie thinks you’re a zombie, you won’t need any bullets!