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Spy Gadgets

Surveillance Cameras
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Spy Gadgets give you the power!  Whether you’re having secretive and hidden fun, or are trying to catch someone in the act, we have just the perfect surveillance equipment to keep everyone in check.

We have the perfect spy gadget to fit your needs.  Whether you need hidden voice recorder or secret camera, you’ll be able to get the information you need.  These awesome gadgets let you be the sneaky and clever spy you’ve always wanted to be.  All of our spy gadgets blow the typical teddy bear nanny cam out of the water.  Oscillating fan cameras, smoke detector cameras, camera clocks, and many more are available for your use right now.  A listening device can look just like a pen and monitoring a phone can be a cinch.

Marvel at how far spy technology has come with these impressive gadgets.  Something as small and common as a flash drive can be a cool spy gadget, either as a voice recorder or PC monitoring software.  You’ll be amazed by what the Bionic Ear can do nowadays.

On the other side, counter surveillance gadgets are equally as impressive, so if you fear you're being violated can can put those fears to rest with these tools.  Proving you are right or wrong will be a comfort, and these hi-tech gadgets are here to help.

Spy gadgets have come a long way since Get Smart and you can instantly feel like James Bond with one of our awesome spy gadgets.  Let us be your spy equipment source that are the coolest gadgets around.