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Kids Dinnerware = Mealtime Mania!

Children and food have had a shaky coexistence since the beginning of time!† Vegetables always seem to end up in the wrong place.† Whether itís the floor, dogís mouth, or garbage can, kids seem to have their own ideas of what to do with food.† The give and take can be tough for parents, but itís not their fault.† Most plates†aren't†made for children.† Kids have short attention spans, and they always need to be entertained or else they cause trouble. †Shouldn't†same rule apply to dinnertime as well?

Click here†to find the solution!† Our kids dinnerware section offers fun plates that will make your little one look forward to dinnertime.† For the boys, the food face plate will turn dinnertime into face painting 101.† Since almost every meal is different, an infinite number of masterpieces are possible.† What could possibly be funnier than vegetable eyebrows?† Have you ever seen a rice mustache?† Where else can you see mash potato contact lenses?† The food will be your childís tools and the plate will be the canvas.† This plate encourages nutrition and creativity all in one shot!

In the same vein, the Ms. Food Face Plate can be customized with a variety of foods!† Youíre the chef.† Prepare a meal and the artistís tools will be ready.† Click here†to see the possibilities.† Dinnertime does not have to be a struggle.† Your little girl can put on a whole new mask of makeup for every meal.† Instead of using actual makeup, she can use food and after the masterpiece is done, bottoms up!

Mealtime now has a world of benefits in addition to the nutrition.† Break the cycle of boredom at dinnertime and give your kids something to look forward to!