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Cool Toys to Cut out Boredom

If not handled right, free time can be a serious drag. All of the scheduling in the world can't help you escape those dead blocks of time. You just got off work, the kids are out of school and homework is done, nothing is on television, and you don't have a hobby. Kids and adults are alike than you think. Kill time with a Cool Toy!

Add some excitement to your life with a Remote Control Toy! Our Air Swimmers Flying Fish will freak out and astound any child. Turn their worlds upside down and control a flying shark. You can create a space age aquarium in the comfort of your own home. Use the fish as target practice for our Marshmallow Shooters. These toy weapons are cool and offer fast paced excitement. Use it indoors or take the show outside. This kind of fun needs to happen everyday. Guarantee yourself a good time with these unique toys!

Board Games are classic sources of entertainment! Families and friends are in store for hours of entertainment thanks to our Party Games. The Loaded Questions board game is unmatched. Learn about your peers in the most entertaining way possible. For sports fans, our Electronic Games are just for you. We have portable football games and baseball games. In between quarters and innings, create a cool tune with a Desktop Drum Set or the Electric Drum Sticks. Pick up a fun toy and make sure every moment is pleasurable!

Our Cool Toys kill time and provide entertainment to anyone and everyone!